“Anima Ferrea – The Iron Soul

Arda Metallwerkstatt in the Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin Mitte,

has been presenting the art project “Anima Ferrea – the Iron
Soul” since February 2008. “Anima Ferrea” was initiated by the
sculptor Hüseyin Arda as a joint project and exhibition of a
number of international artists connected to the Arda
Metallwerkstatt. The art collective “Anima Ferrea” profiles itself
as a center for creative endeavors, with the artists generating a
broad repertoire of artistic productions such as metal and wood
sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and video films.
Due to the unusually diverse and mutual inspiration among the
artists, the constant exchange with the visitors as art is
developing, and the highly inspiring ‘free space’ of the partly
open-air workshop, the art produced at “Anima Ferrea” is so
uniquely powerful.
The project is further encouraging a deeper understanding and a
joyful approach to art. As a result, the exhibition is presently
drawing 300,000 visitors per year, from Germany and abroad.

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